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Model Number: 01_MJ368

Cable Drum Jacks

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The classic mechanical jack range is simple in operation and sturdy by design with square bases giving added stability against equivalent octagonal bases often seen
• Steel construction
• Sturdy 45mm diameter acme thread 
• Zinc plated finish (or painted if required)


Model Capacity Base Size Closed Height Open Height Weight each
MJ3 3 Tonne 300 x 300mm 500mm 815mm 17kg
MJ6 6 Tonne 450 x 300mm 635mm 950mm 21kg
MJ8 8 Tonne 600 x 300mm 890mm 1205mm 29kg

The Jacks come with a variety of Spindle and Collar options and can be supplied with or without an operating bar

OB1– 25 Dia x 460mm Long Tommy Bar

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New Products

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Studding Pole Cable Holder/Dispenser

The Studding Pole is a simple piece of equipment generally used on internal wiring projects. The pole simply attaches to a studded wall post, wooden joists or any stable post upto 100 x 50mm, the Pole then is secured to the post with a simple lashing strap. Once in place, single or multi-drums can then be loaded, secured with an R clip and the cable can then be payed out simply and freely

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Cable Drum Stand

The Lightweight Drum Stand is suitable for Drums of 700mm diameter. Drums are simply lifted into position to allow the cable to be payed out. Unit folds to a compact size for ease of storage/transportation

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Hydraulic Drum Jacks

The hydraulic drum jack range is ideal for use in cable yards and on site alike, with a large drum range, the jacks are very flexible and raising of the drum is effortless.


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