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Category: Cable Pulling Grips - Manufacturer:

Model Number: 02_FE

Fleeting Eye Galvanised Cable Pulling Grips

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Similar to the SE Type but for use when offset positioning is required and the cable can pass completely through the Cable Grip

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Single/Double Eye Non-Conductive Cable Grips

Ideal for use in water, Fibre Optic applications, offshore or for a multitude of uses in the electrical industry; dramatically improved weight to break ratio and made of a high-strength, nonconductive aramid fibre

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Open Ended Galvanised Cable Pulling Grips

Ideal for joining 2 cables and mainly used when old cable is being replaced with new.

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Lace Up Galvanised Cable Pulling Grips

Similar to the DE Type but the grip is positioned on the cable and then stitched together, this is particularly useful when the pull is from someway down the cable or when there is a connector on the cable end.


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