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Model Number: 01035_CDT2.7_Tandem

Cable Drum Trailer

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2700Kg Payload EEC Cable Drum Trailer
Cable Drum Trailer Specification 
Gross Weight 3500Kg
Unladen Weight 800Kg
Drawbar Load 150Kg Max
Axle Weight 1700Kg 1700Kg
Drawbar Height 430mm
Overall Length 4500mm
Overall Width 2300mm
Coupling Type 40mm Eye
Spindle Diameter 76mm Tubular c/w Locking Collars
Tyres 195x14
Brakes Overrun Auto-reverse
Lights Road going EEC
Mudguards Thermoplastic
Jockey Wheel Heavy duty Serrated 48mm diameter telescopic type
Finish 2 Coat Commercial Standard 
Drum Lift
25cc/Stroke Hand Pump operating 2off Single Acting Rams via Flow Divider for a balanced lift.
Once raised, the Cable Drum is mechanically locked in the travelling position 
Cable Drum Capacity 
Cable Drum Weight 2700Kg
Cable Drum Max Diameter 2550mm
Cable Drum Min Diameter 1100mm
Cable Drum Width 1340mm 
Dimensions are a guide and are subject to manufacturing tolerances

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Cable Drum Trailer

2300Kg Payload EEC Cable Drum Trailer finished in our most common colour - Traffic Yellow

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Cable Drum Trailer

5250Kg Payload EEC Cable Drum Trailer, our largest standard EEC model (although we have the scope to build larger EEC units if required) fitted with ABS Air Braking Systems

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Cable Drum Trailer

2800Kg Payload EEC Cable Drum Trailer finished in our most common colour- Traffic Yellow


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